Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Avoid These Mistakes

So your girlfriend – now your ex decided to break it off with you, and you’re left wondering how can I get my ex girlfriend back? Perhaps you have already gone through the normal desperate acts of phone calls, emails, text messages, or even showing up at her apartment looking for answers.

Maybe you are just getting started seeking advice and solutions that could help bring her back. In this article we highlight some of the many mistakes men make when trying to learn how to get your ex girlfriend back, providing a mini guide in your quest to see if you can save your relationship and get her back into your life:

Patience is a virtue so this may not happen for you right away.

You need to realize right now that just because you know a guy who may have got his ex girlfriend back in week or month does not mean you will have the same success. Every relationship is different with different circumstances why the relationship ended. Right now you need to go by the old sports saying “we’re taking it one game at a time” and be patient.

That means you take mini steps gradually winning her heart back again. Feel good that many men with the right approach have actually been able to get back with an ex girlfriend. However, as you may very well know most men make really stupid mistakes when trying to get their girl back.

Read the following to help you get back on the right path again:

When im done I am going to give you a great resource to download. It will guide you in the right direction and help you avoid the mistakes. She needs to see you differently and become attracted to you again. Right now she isn’t… So you must change it ASAP before its too late.

1st Tip:

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

We know break ups are hard on not only you but your friends and family as well. This is easier said than done but you need to do whatever is necessary to stop feeling sorry for yourself, and start feeling happy again. Everyone has something they have wanted to do for themselves whether it be improvements of appearance, participating in classes, clubs, social events, sporting events like golf lessons. Find what this is and do it.

You need to realize if you have a hard time being happy when you’re not in a relationship then you have a small chance to be happy when you are.

Furthermore, think about this for a second. The last thing your ex wants is a whimpy guy who cant be strong in difficult times. How can she expect you to be strong for her if you cant be strong for yourself? She probably won’t show it but she’s going through a hard time as well. So you have the opportunity to be someone who can make her happy and cheer her up.

2nd Tip:

You may be a convincing person but using your sales skills will not get her back.

If you have already taken this route or thinking about taking this route of convincing her why she should be with you, and stay in the relationship you need to stop right now. If you want to push her further away from you then keep selling her on why you’re the only man for her, but this is most likely not going to get your girlfriend back.

She didn’t break up with you for you to convince her to stay. She wants time and space so give it to her. Be strong now and it could pay dividends for you in the near future as you begin to put your new plan into play.

3rd Tip:

Buying her gifts and other forms of manipulation to win her back Will Not work.

Not sure if it’s because men see this in too many movies but this has to be the most classic mistakes men make trying to get an ex girlfriend back. Girls love these gestures while in a good relationship, but now that she’s looking for space, she is going to see this as you using manipulation to win her love back.

Showering her with gift after gift is just going to push her away from you even more. And it directly correlates with our last point of you trying to persuade her to be with you, and this tactic will likely backfire on you. Times are tuff right now so you’re better off saving your hard earned money for a nice weekend trip once you have accomplished the plan and strategy you are about to get.

4th Tip:

Every relationship is different.
This was touched on earlier but every boyfriend girlfriend relationship is unique thus requires a different approach. If you seek advice to get your ex girlfriend back and listen to what worked for one guy, and do everything he did, and then expect the same outcome – you are mis using your opportunity to get your girlfriend back.

You will only be able to execute the strategy once you have taken a step back, and assessed what the factors were that led to the break up. Once you have determined what those are you can formulate your plan to get her back after you download the How to get my girlfriend back guide.

So now we need to discuss what you can do to get that plan. So far we outlined some of the mistakes guys make when trying to get an ex girlfriend back but we have yet to give you your plan. Without a proven plan and strategy you cant tailor to your own relationship circumstances, you will have a very low percentage to get her back again.

On the other hand with a plan that gives you steps to complete that ultimately lead her back into your arms again – that’s a different story. As already mentioned most relationships can be salvaged if you play your cards right.

Conclusion and what you should do next:

Since you found this article online probably after searching for articles like this one that offer relationship advice you may have noticed there is a lot of information Online about this subject. There are literally dozens of ebooks that offer a “guaranteed solution” to get an ex girlfriend back.

Nothing is 100% but at this point its about giving you the best chance for success. Most ebooks Online are complete crap! If you notice here on our website we only suggest several, and for good reason.

Most ebooks online are stuffed with fluff and filler and never have any solid advice. The ones we reviewed and suggest to our readers are excellent, and most importantly affordable.

Our suggestions is to Go Here and see for yourself

This system is specifically designed for guys looking for ways to get back with an ex girlfriend. It comes in audio & PDF format and PDF which is easily downloaded in seconds privately to your computer. It does cost money but there is a 60 day money back guarantee so if you do not see the value it offers you may get a refund. The only thing you now have left to lose is your girlfriend.

Best wishes!

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